What is Holistic Wellness Coaching?

-Holistic Wellness Coaching is a coaching approach that brings awareness to and takes into account all areas of wellness when addressing a specific problem area. The six areas of wellness include: spiritual, emotional, mental/psychological, financial and lifestyle wellness.

When starting a coaching program, whether the individual or group coaching option, I have you complete a wellness assessment to determine strengths and areas of opportunity across all six areas of wellness. This allows both the coach and the client to identify areas of resiliency as both the coach and the client work collaboratively to set focused, targeted goals to facilitate growth. As a certified nutrition coach and mental health professional, I work with you to provide programming that is focused on improving the physical (nutritional) and the mental/psychological (mindset) profiles of wellness. We work on creating lifestyle changes that help to buffer stress, feelings of overwhelm, feeling “stuck,” and move towards improving problem-solving skills to help handle challenges when they arise.

The focus when starting the client/coach relationship is receiving education around the area of opportunity that requires immediate attention, collaboratively selecting a goal, and then checking-in on a predetermined schedule to assess growth towards the goal. It is important to remember that you, the client, are the person that takes ACTION. The model is as follows: Awareness (coach+client)-Action (client)-Accountability (coach+client). Once this model is mutually agreed upon, the coach and client can work together to make identifiable progress.