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The Magic of Healing

Reconstruction. Renewal. Rejuvenation. Healing is the empowering space that happens after we endure hurt. Healing is this magical space that comes like the rainbow after a storm.┬áMore often than not, it happens as we are still experiencing our “trauma.”We are simultaneously dealing with the pain and piecing ourselves together. But what does it really mean to heal? Does that mean we are fixed and perfect? Are we replenished and put back together? It depends. Usually when we heal, we have been broken, or scarred, and we form new skin, so to speak, that is stronger, tougher, more resilient than before. Are we the same as before? Not usually. Sometimes we have developed the ability to bounce back quicker. We may still have the fear of re-injury, but we have healed and know that we are capable.

The magic comes when we learn that healing looks and feels different for each person. What becomes one person’s path of recovery may be the path of destruction of another. We must begin to understand the purpose of our pain and in that moment we can begin to understand our triumph in assuage.

Healing in its many modalities can likely become the salve to alleviate our discomforts. We may be in need of healing of the spirit. Healing of the mind. Healing of the body. We may choose one or varying methods to aid in our recovery. However one proceeds, be intentional on your journey. Be mindful of what shows up. What stays with us. Let us not be victims of our pain, but become champions of our magical ability to rebuild and regenerate.