Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching is provided exclusively via video conferencing and supported through a private Facebook group. Individuals may select the group coaching option when they are self-starters, want to work through a program at their own pace, and have a good accountability support system(s).

Our 8-week coaching program currently focuses on assisting working, energy-depleted mothers reduce emotional and mental stress, improve nutritional options+ eliminate foods that pose dietary and metabolic stress on their bodies. Clients will receive weekly videos and tasks that can be implemented daily/weekly/monthly and are time-released for incremental skill building.

Group coaching is launched twice yearly and once completed, can be repeated by any time by the client. Support is provided via regular check-ins to the Facebook group.

If you’re tired of being an exhausted, zombie-mom and feel like group coaching with a supportive, online community would be beneficial for helping you improve energy and reduce stress, please complete the fields below for information about when the next coaching group session begins.