Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
Sanctuary Wellness and Education provides individual or group coaching to individuals who need further assistance with making changes to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Nutritional coaching focuses on providing education regarding food and intake basics, energy balance, body awareness and/or food sensitivities, barriers to progress and goal attainment, as well maintenance of meal prepping and planning. We focus on plant-based nutrition, specializing in vegan/vegetarian and keto diets. Detox and cleansing programs are also available.

Wellness Workshops
Sanctuary Wellness and Education conducts wellness workshops that focus on the 6 areas of holistic wellness: physical, mental/psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial, and lifestyle wellness. We specialize in workshops that focus on improving mindset, awareness regarding nutritional health, emotional awareness and regulation, as well as the impact of traumatic experiences on our overall well-being.

Workplace (Corporate) Wellness
Sanctuary Wellness and Education provides corporate wellness programming to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors that improve health outcomes for executives and employees. We provide education regarding nutritional wellness, stress reduction and management seminars, group nutritional coaching, fitness challenges, weight-loss initiatives, detox programs, massage therapy and consultation to improve the workplace environment to support holistic wellness changes.

Wellness Consultations
Not sure where to start? Sanctuary Wellness and Education conducts telephone and virtual consultations to obtain information about your wellness goals and to discuss what services will best address your wellness needs. Customized programs (combination) are available upon need and request