The 60-Day Stress-Less, Live Free challenge is a designed to help us become aware of the hugely detrimental impacts of stress in our lives, how to take action on what we do have control over, and connect with other women who have decided to make a change. We will push each other to be our BEST selves, provide a space to be vulnerable enough to be open about our struggles, and support and motivate our fellow “wonder-women” to move past the challenges, all the while knowing that we are not alone!


The 60-Day Stress-Less, Live-Free Challenge will focus on:

  • identifying our 3 major stresses that we want to focus on leveraging/reducing;
  • taking measures to ease digestive stress from nutritional stress so that our bodies start to function properly;
  • improving sleep hygiene to reduce cravings, brain fog, and water retention;
  • losing weight and improving energy by awareness of our emotional and physical relationship to food;
  • supplements that help reduce the impact of chronic cortisol on our body;
  • daily/weekly stress-reduction techniques to ease our mental and psychological stresses; and
  • intentional goal setting to improve wellness from a holistic framework.

This is an exclusively on-line two month challenge and will be hosted within our private Facebook group. Virtual support will be on-going with bi-weekly Facebook live check-ins. Personal questions/concerns can be sent to

This challenge is now closed, but we will open another challenge up in the future! Make sure you sign-up for emails about our group coaching events!