5 Signs You Should Detox Now

5 Signs You Should Detox Now


The new year always brings a sense and feeling of renewal, rejuvenation, and a re-charging of the mind, body, and spirit. We set goals, intentions and plans for the year ahead and have confidence that “this is our year.”

In the spirit of renewal, tons of individuals vow to take their health seriously and set plans to lose X amount of pounds, workout X amount of days, and eat healthy. And that’s a very noble and admirable goal!

When moving towards our health/fitness goals, it is important to take inventory from where we are currently. For some of us, we are “starting from scratch” in a sense. For others, we are simply picking back up some habits we abandoned due to careless oversight (it happens). And for some, this will be our real first try at making our health a priority and, sometimes, this can be confusing.

One may find themselves lost about where to start on their health/fitness journey, unsure of what it means to “eat clean” or what a “superfood” actually is.

For some, it may be a lack of awareness about what is actually going on with and in their body. This is a common problem for a lot of us. We have become so disconnected from bodies, it’s oftentimes difficult to understand what we actually need.

A detox is great way to start out. It helps individuals to really get in touch with how their body feels when you treat it like you a give a damn!

When individuals set out to detox their body, they often don’t understand the impact that it has on their mind and spirit as well. And if you believe that these are all connected in a holistic manner, then you’ll see how when we are congested physically, everything else is affected.

Detoxing is simply the action or actions of taking deliberate efforts to remove toxins from your body. This can happen daily by eating foods, taking herbs and engaging in practices that encourage the constant removal of waste and by-products from your body.

But, when we have been neglectful of making it a daily practice to facilitate the steady removal of toxins from our bodies, we experience physical and mental symptoms that alert us that we need to hit the brakes, put it in reverse and back up! Our bodies are extremely intelligent and will give us notice in seemingly subtle ways. If you are not sure if you need to take action to be intentional about detoxing, take note of the following five signs that give us a clue about how our bodies are functioning internally.

1. You’re over-weight.

A healthy, properly functioning body works to release fat as opposed to storing it. And, ironically, toxins love to hang out in the fat stores in your body. It becomes a cyclical problem, as the addition of more toxins in our bodies encourage the increased storage of fat cells to house the toxins. Being over-weight is not only a result of increased toxins, but is due to chronic over-eating of denatured food (food that has been depleted of vital nutrients and minerals). The continuous eating of “empty calories” will cause a “starving body” to remain ravished with hunger. When you are consuming foods that have high nutritional value (such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.), you will find that you will feel satiated. An over-weight body is generally sluggish in its functionality which leads to the next sign that indicates that you could be pretty toxic.

2. You’re constantly tired.

A body that is physically sluggish is fighting an up-hill battle. Our bodies spend an enormous amount of energy just in the breaking down of the food that we consume for use (this process is called digestion). If you find that you are always tired, both mentally and physically, you may need to detox (this indicator can be indicative of other problems as well). A body that regularly dispels toxins feels renewed and refreshed each day. Constant fatigue is not our natural state of functioning and indicates that our body is working over-time with some internal issues that may not be as obvious, especially if fatigue is chronic. Oftentimes, in an effort to remedy exhaustion, we reach for carbohydrate laded foods to give us a “rush,” only to come crashing back down later (huge negative impact on our blood-sugar system). If you find that you are constantly tired, even after getting sufficient rest, in need of copious amounts of caffeine, and can’t find the energy to move your body on most days, you may need to reset.

Constant fatigue can also be an indicator of mental exhaustion and the affects on the body with chronic mental fatigue are real. Detoxing your body can also mean taking inventory of where you are mentally with respect to what you encounter daily and may give you insight regarding what may be causing constant fatigue.

3. You’re not having regular bowel movements.

Nobody wants to talk about it, but daily voiding of waste is normal! A properly functioning toxin removal system allows for for the passage of waste an a daily basis (upwards of 2-3 times daily).

If you find that you are not having regular bowel movements, you are putting yourself at risk for disease. Think about it: you eat tons of food daily. To some degree (with some people at a higher rate than others), we consume/ingest a certain amount of toxins in our foods, beverages and products that we come in contact with. Our digestive tract is one waste removal system that allows the most obvious passage of the waste and toxic by-products from our body. If we are not “taking out the trash” daily, we are housing it with our body. Once it has remained in our body for a period of time without removal, our body will re-absorb it back into our blood-stream and we are back to square one (increased fat storage due to increased toxins). To constantly remove bodily waste is to ensure the health of our entire body. Click To Tweet

4. You have brain fog.

If you find that you are constantly forgetful,  you have difficulty with focusing on tasks,  or you feel like you are always in a “fog,” these may be  signs that you need to detox.

It all comes back to the health of our digestive system. An enormous amount of our brain “bugs” (neurotransmitters) are reported to live within our gut (called our microbiome). When our gut is not healthy, our brain suffers. Our neurotransmitters control certain processes in our body that allow proper function of mood, mental energy (our brains require a specific amount of energy to function),  and regulation of the rest of our body! If we have a body that is toxin-filled, our brains ability to function in it natural capacity are greatly impaired.

Our brain is arguably the most important organ within our body. It is the control center of our temple. It is responsible for automatic communication of every, single process that occurs in our body. If we don’t ensure the health of our brain, we put our entire body at risk for malfunction. The “brain fog” is just the start (remember our bodies work to get our attention in subtle ways). Allowing the clear and regular passage of toxins from our body helps to reduce the impact of these toxins affecting our mental capacity (this has a huge impact on our habits and mindset indirectly).


5. You’re constantly getting sick.

A toxic body will have great difficulty fighting pathogens (germs within our body that can be harmful). When we are debilitated due to lack of steady removal of toxins, our immune system is tired. It is working overtime (or the efficiency is greatly decreased) with the constant stream of toxins that are within, that when we are exposed to viruses or germs, we aren’t able to fight it off! If you find that you are chronically sick (or having allergies that constantly flare-up), you need to clean house.

We come into contact with tons of germs and viruses each day. And a normally functioning body can fight these off without much difficulty. But when we are repeat offenders of the unintentional introduction of toxins and continued exposure to waste by-products in our body, our defenses are useless. If we don’t support our body in its daily fight, we will eventually suffer more than a cold! Remember, illness is a sign that our bodies are aware and working to fight the harmful products in our bodies. If all we do to remedy this is push down our symptoms with cold poisons  medicine, we are ignoring critical signs that we need to change course and implement some healthier habits.

Some will argue that our body is able to normally detoxify and doesn’t need any added help to facilitate this process. But research shows that a compromised body is not able to carry out normal bodily functions appropriately due to chronic neglect on our behalf (usually not intentional). You may be suffering from one or all of the signs that your body is more toxic than normal, but the good thing is, you can self-correct. Having compromised health is not something that we have to live with. It will require that we get clear about what is going on, being intentional about a specific course of action, and then exercising discipline to carry out these actions. We can’t wish our way to better health. And most of the time, it requires help to gain clarity about where we are so that we know how to move forward in a way that supports a healthy lifestyle!

If you have finally decided that your health needs to become a priority for you, or you are just tired of not feeling and being your absolute best, I encourage you to take advantage of my free 7-Day Detox Challenge! Over a period of just a week, you reset your body to facilitate healthy removal of toxins, lose weight, increase your energy, improve your mood and focus, and start to feel good in your body again! You can expect to lose up to 7lbs within  7 days and start your momentum towards blasting fat and reducing toxins. I challenge you this year and  years going forward to really commit to healthier habits that will in turn lead to an increase in an improved quality of life.

Join the free challenge here!

Happy detoxing!

Chaquita Miller

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